Here’s How To Completely Remove The Pit Bull Stigma From Everyone You Know!

Here at FurryVideos, there’s no shortage of animal rescue videos. Seeing our furry companions escape certain death due to a small kindness on part from Humans is nothing short of gratifying. Sometimes, it is even amazing, or life changing.

As if they want to give back to what some rare Humans have been giving them, some animals want to save some few Human lives too. PAWsitive tells us the story of Joey, who had Asperger’s syndrome since he was a child. He grew up socially awkward, rarely making friends. Now a teenager, he asked his mother for a dog. His mother Amanda gives him what he wants because this is the first time he asked for a companion.

Joey met Roxy, a 60-pound pit bull that now, became his best friend. His social awkwardness has faded because Roxy helped him open up his heart more. Amanda honestly admitted she never though the pit bull would amount to much for his son, but her stigma with pit bulls faded seeing how loving and caring their breed can be!