You Might Not Love Aging. But This Dog Could Barely Contain Himself When He Knows It’s Time!

Many of us want to stay young at this age. When we were kids, birthdays were always exciting. The thrill of not knowing what your parents have cooked up for you, the surprises you could get from your uncle, aunt and closest friends. These are definitely special, memorable moments in any humans’ life.

Jäger is a German Shepherd mix who was just rescued. While he might not have had a good history, he remains optimistic. Fortunately, his forever home understands this. Jäger has become the house baby after Jäger’s family had their child enter the double-digit stage.

When asked if he’s the one who’s 10 years old, Jäger couldn’t stop jumping up and down. His sister Cosette looks on, probably thinking about how silly and funny his brother looks like.