This Braved Feline Saved Everyone In Her Home

Emily Chappell-Root couldn’t believe it. If the cat never woke her and her husband during the fire, they may have been dead sooner than they thought.

Emily never even liked Luna the first time they met. She was not an animal person. However, she had to relent to the kids and her husband, who adored the cat so much. The cat often pestered her and everyone in the house when she arrived from her late-night activities.

One night, Emily thought that that cat was just her usual annoying self, so she kept trying to sleep. Suddenly, the cat continued and her pawing became fiercer. When she was annoyed and got up for a drink of water, she realized the kitchen was on fire. She immediately woke up the kids and her husband to get out of the house in time.

While their house burned, the family of eight is still alive and surviving. Thankfully, because of Luna.