They Were Locked Up For Years. They Were Transferred To Heaven. Their Reactions? Priceless!

If there’s a downside to a PETA raid in an unsanitary animal processing plant, farm or shelter, it would be that the animals have nowhere else to stay often, or they would have to live in a shelter with almost the same conditions. For pigs, hoarders would always want piglets to grow and sell when they grow up. Thankfully, after PETA intervened with a Virginian couple’s over-capacity farm, three baby pigs were transferred to the Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

The nine week old piglets never really saw the light of day given the pigpen of the Virginian couple were a little bit tight to begin with. Seeing the sanctuary, they were at first frightened about the immensity of the place. But soon enough, they loosened and ran around the big field completely enjoying the beautiful pastures offered to them by rescuers and caretakers.