These Rescue Dogs Gleefully Take Their Baths

If there’s anything I find adorable about rescue dogs, it would be their passion to continue living. It would also be the forgiving and loving nature that seems to be innate in dogs of all sizes.

Pit bulls are gaining huge hatred across social media and local neighborhoods. But, just like many other issues the world over, it isn’t the pit bulls’ fault they had to participate in dogfighting. Dogfighting dogs maim each other because they their own owners beat and torture them.

Luckily, these batch of dogfighting dogs were rescued by individuals with loving hearts. One of them was Evan. He was to be a dogfighting star. After a police raid, he found himself in a loving animal shelter. He, along with his friends, were fierce in reacting to police raids as they were also fierce in responding to their owners.

But they all settled down with something that would indeed settle down anybody; a nice, relaxing bath.