Men Rescue Dog Abandoned Trapped in the Flood For Almost a Week!

If you found a person trapped in a cubbyhole during Hurricane Harvey, you’d no doubt want to wish the sorrows this individual faced away. However, a defenseless dog has no chance of survival for the flood Harvey has brought to Houston.

Floods can split apart families, including their dogs, who are essentially family members.

This one dog lost his family when the flood levels reached heights that forced them to abandon their homes. He swam for three days in the flood trying to find his family. He couldn’t see any other people or animals except himself.

Perhaps driven by his desire to see his family again, he waded for three days. It wasn’t until men saw her swimming in the water that she could rest. The female dog was so tired. She needed drinking water. She could not stand up. Now she can rest and finally try to find her humans after the storm.