Man Was Dying And He Only Had One Wish: For His Dog To Have A Home

Clifford James Herbert did not have a fortunate life. He had his own mechanic shop and even a farm during his younger years. However, because of troubles regarding the health of his heart and throat left him with cancer. Homeless due to the expenses, he had only a few weeks to live. This was the time Jenine-Lacette DShazer saw him hugging a dog named Baby — a dog Cliff had rescued from a cruel owner who abused Baby’s kindness.

They found each other in the streets. He whispered his dying wish to Jenine; that Baby be found a loving home. Setting up a GoFundMe page, she found Clifford a home in a motel and Baby has found herself a great home. Indeed, those who have nothing to give still have much to provide for those they care about.