Man Saves 16 Special Needs Dogs From Euthanasia After Hurricane Harvey

No one wants to kill animals consciously. Nobody will ever want to harm a creature as harmless as a gentle dog.

But events similar to Hurricane Harvey sometimes forces individuals to do what they deem is necessary during the time.

Shelter pets are often the first to endure the difficulty of disasters. They get detached from their human owners. They become parts of the shelter, and prone to euthanasia because the shelters cannot take care of them with their limited resources.

Thankfully, men like Toby Wisneski of Leave No Paw Behind exist.

He was informed that shelters in the wake of Hurrican Harvey had 16 dogs scheduled for mercy killing. He said that cannot happen. Working with Wings of Rescue, Leave no Paw Behind brought the animals to California to take care of them and ensure their safety. Now, they are in a sanctuary, waiting for loving families to adopt and care for them.