Man Jumps Into Tornado Wreckage to Save a Puppy Trapped by Debris

If you heard a puppy’s cries in a pile of debris, would you jump in and rush to save the little creature?

This man knows his answer.

Michael Delgado’s house was ravaged by a tornado on December 2015. He and their neighbors dug out his brother and grandmother from the wreckage. Both are now recovered from their maladies.

Michael and the rest of the neighbors look for survivors in the debris. A whimpering was heard from one of the piles. Quickly, the rest of the makeshift rescue team try to locate the exact pile the whimpering was heard, and they found out it was a puppy crying for help.

It was Lucy, the young Delgado family dog. The rescue team tried to remove the debris to find the puppy, but the more they uncovered, the more they found themselves facing difficulties to ultimately pin down Lucy’s location in the debris. A few more removals, and Michael himself jumped into a hole to rescue the poor pup! What a brave soul!