Kitten Was Throne Offshore After Hurricane Matthew Hits Home… Towards Her Forever Home

God and the universe works in mysterious ways always.

The Hurricane Matthew was one of those instances that meant the destruction of one’s home and life. Even humans — who can conveniently defend themselves from the storm — are afraid of it.

After its passing brought about its estimated destruction, Matthew also displaced a poor little kitten. She was found alone in a storm by Sarahfu. Looking outside from Petsmart, she rescued the little precious kitten and cradled her in her arms.

Immediately, she made him a tube sock sweater to make sure she gets enough heat for her body.

A family was looking at the kitten for her adoption. Sarahfu scrutinized the family and found them to be of forever-home material for her little rescued kitten. Then the rest of the family took cat supplies for the little kitten.

That’s one way God and the universe works. A struggle to give you your dreams.