Kind Beach Bums Help Free a Dolphin Stuck in a Fishing Net

In Cadiz, Spain, a dolphin was seen bouncing along the beaches apparently wrapped in something. Upon a closer look, onlookers saw that the poor sea creature was trapped by a fishing net. The dolphin must have swam for quite a while with the net because he looked exhausted. Ines Oliva Perez, who was at the scene along with other beachbums, saw the fish had the net wrapped around his mouth.

Realizing the net restricted the dolphin’s breathing, the beachgoers tried to help the dolphin. A man leapt into the water and braced the sea mammal while another tried to remove the net. The difficulty almost gets the better of the beachgoers because the net was stuck in the dolphin’s teeth.

Later on, they successfully free the dolphin, and they release him back into the sea. If the sea creature could wave backwards, it would have done so as thanks for everyone’s efforts!