Kayaking Couple Go Out of Their Way To Rescue Exhausted Seagull

Seagulls add to the beauty of the beachside, and for kayakers, the flying seagulls show them signs that there are fish in the sea because the birds are hunting.

These two kayakers never expected to see an exhausted one land right next to their boat. The bird lands on the paddle of the wife, Heather. Upon a closer look, she discovers the poor creature has a crab line trapping its feet, making it impossible to fly comfortably.

If the seagull never made it to Heather’s paddle, he could have drowned! What luck!

Heather’s husband carefully inspects the tied knot on the legs of the bird, careful not to scare it. He approaches enough to remove the first knots. The two decide thereafter that the seagull needs professional help because the tight knots need special equipment for removal.