His Health Was Deteriorating. But Travelers Took Him To A Caring Home.

In Australia, sheep are common animals grazing in different places and areas of the outback. Unfortunately, Australia gets much hotter during this period of 2015. Neo the young sheep was wandering off in his daily route, but his body couldn’t take the weather’s heated wrath.

Lucky for Neo, travellers came upon him and brought him to a shelter. He was suffering painful and severe photosensitivity. According to Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, it wasn’t just the Sun and season, but also neglect, that led to Neo’s suffering. He had eaten toxic plants. He had a face covered in scabs, sores and cuts. He had no sight in his left eye.

The poor sheep needed help. During his first night, scared as he was to stay alone in a room, the Edgar’s staff gave him a plushy stuffed animal named “Teddy Pig.” Neo affectionately attached himself. Teddy would always be with Neo wherever he went.

The staff now writes that Neo is slowly traversing his way into recovery.