He Couldn’t Keep Still. What Was He So Afraid Of? You’ll Be Laughing Off Your Seat!

The cat is an extremely curious creature. But as if they are life’s biggest oxymorons, they fear mostly what they’re curious about. That fear won’t impede on their wants to approach something they haven’t seen before.

Here before us is Timo the curious cat. It’s either he’s protecting his Human family or he’s just curious about a humungous feather. Quickly, he’s intrigued by the gigantic feather.

He carefully approaches, understanding that one wrong move could make his attacker disappear at will. He then tries to pounce on it, but the opponent appears to be too slick!

His humans watch in the next room not in fear but in amusement because Timo will always find ways to entertain himself even if he has his own toys!