Former Owners Find Their Missing Dog But Refuse To Take Her Home For One Appalling Reason

We’ve heard stories of families trying to look for their family dog who had gone missing because of certain distractions or dog instincts. Some even cry about their missing dogs as they are an integral part of the family. But for Zuzu, things were lucky enough to happen, but not good enough to make it all worthwhile.

The Shelter found Zuzu the German Shepherd after someone called animal control on her. She was believed to be a missing dog.

It turns out Zuzu was a dog who mourned the loss of her daddy dog. The family had no idea where she had gone. But the truth was, she went to her neighbor — who disliked her — and called animal control over her. This can truly set off tempers because the family itself did not want Zuzu and intended to replace her with another dog.

Learning of her story, staff members are extra-kind and loving towards Zuzu who is now up for adoption.