Fisherman Sees Bubbles In Water And Was Surprised To Have Pulled Out a Cat!

If you go catfishing, sometimes you’d joke that maybe you’d get a cat for once.

This man did.

In August 2015, Jason Frost was in the Warrior River in the Alabama. He saw something peculiar in the water. Bubbles were all around. He knew something was in the water and it did not belong there.

That’s when he captured on video that a little kitten was struggling to float on top of the water. He saw the little ripples again and immediately reached out to grab the little orange kitten. Immediately, he places the little animal in the boat. However, another ripple came out of the water and Jason Frost pulled out a second adorable kitten. The poor little thing was also drenched and almost drowned.

He saved the two kittens and gave them a home.

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