Drowned Puppy Looks Like It’s Not Going To Make It But He Gave Him a Special CPR

If you can save a life with your actions, you will probably use your knowledge and skills to fulfill this task. The Heimlich maneuver is one of these actions; it helps regurgitate the trapped matter inside the air passages of a human. In this video, a modified version of this move helped a tiny puppy who had drowned to recover.

In Thailand, a soldier shakes a tiny puppy that they rescued from drowning. The puppy was probably wandering around before he fell into a sewer or river.

Regardless, the soldier and everyone thought the puppy was going to die. Fortunately, the soldier is trained in CPR and saving lives. He shakes the puppy and performs CPR. He does this for four minutes, including the Heimlich maneuver to remove the water blocking the puppy’s air passage.

He then hears the puppy take a breath. The cameraman leans forward to prove that the puppy was breathing again. Kudos to that Thai soldier, your countrymen must be proud of you because we are!