Dog Faced The Inhospitable Odds Of Life And Recovers Beautifully

In the Chilean City of Antofagasta are tar pits common in the area. A father and son driving through the desert found a small dog. Guess where.

The two removed the dog from the tar pits. The dog was stuck in the sticky stuff. Both Jhonny Alquinta and his son pulled out the dog. They believed the dog was left for dead and abandoned by her owners. While they didn’t know how long she was in there or lasted without any help, she showed great exhaustion.

Immediately, they brought the dog to a veterinarian and the staff immediately cleaned her up. She was called Alquitran, the Spanish word for tar.

It took a while for Alquitran to get cleaned. Tar sticks like bubblegum to fur and has almost the same consistency but the toxic chemicals have been removed. Soon enough, she was almost entire clean. But the vets were concerned about the toxicity of the chemicals so she regularly received baths.

And soon enough, Alquitran recovered and had a loving home. She faced up and looked as the happiest dog she should have been.