Dirt Bikers Find A Lost Dog. An Adventure Kicks Off To Find His Human

Dana and Gina wanted to go riding everywhere in the hills and deserts of Southern California. During their treks, they found a dog roaming around the area.

The dry hills and deserts of California can be dangerous to dogs. The threat of dehydration and starvation is real. Dana and Gina approach the lost puppy, calm him down, and give him water to drink. The dirt bikers sensed the dog knew where he needed to go. The two followed him until the dog, picking up on his human’s scent, ran off to a direction.

Riding with him, the two bikers found that the Jack Russell knew where his human was. He saw his mom and jumped. The mom thanked the two bikers for their care and concern over a lost puppy. It was not the trek they planned, but it was the story they loved to tell.