Cat Keeps Meowing Until He Wakes Up And Sees The House Fire

Pets, including introverted cats, are amazing. They love you unconditionally and they would never do anything to harm you. They will protect you in the best way possible. However, your dog or cat can also warn you about imminent danger.

Peter McEvoy learned how much animals can truly love their humans. Houdini, their house cat, kept meowing one night. Peter thought the cat was hungry or needed some midnight cuddles. However, the cat kept scratching and even clawed him, something Houdini wouldn’t do on a normal day.

If he hadn’t woken up a second later, then he would have been engulfed along with the house too. However, as Peter along with his entire family, Houdini wasn’t seen outside. He is presumed to be buried among the rubble. Everyone, including us, hopes that he be found soon.