Boy Hugs His Dog Who Had Been Lost For A Month

The bond between a child and his or her first pet is the strongest of all bonds.

I remember having my own dog at the age of seven. My parents probably gave me one because they wanted me to learn to care for another being. George the Terrier was a dog I really cared about. He died when I was already in college and I couldn’t move over his loss immediately.

But he wasn’t lost to me.

For this little boy, things have turned for the worst. Kase, his dog, went missing during Christmas. He had gone all over the neighborhood looking for his best pal. He was lost for over a month! I would have broken down in tears and already trying to move on trying to find this dog.

He might have been on the same boat as I described. Not until his mom called him and said she found Kase at the boy’s grandmother’s house.

I would cry the same way he did. Our first pets are family. All pets are family.