A Puppy Saves An Entire Georgia Family From Harm

In Adairsville, Georgia, during a December 2017 storm, the Rakestraw family had no power. They used their fireplace to get heat while the rain poured down from all sides. Of course, nobody can blame them for being exhausted the entire time; handling a rainstorm that floods your entire property and shuts the power out is never easy.

The family dog, Patches, was a young little 11-month-old puppy. He was naughty and everyone’s shining star amidst the gloom surrounding their situation. Patches is more than just naughty and cute though.

According to Patricia Rakestraw, the dog kept bothering her to wake up. She thought the dog just wanted to play or couldn’t sleep. But then she saw the fire in the back of the house. Quickly, she work everyone up and they ran out of their own home. The property caught fire, but everyone was safe thanks to Patches’ efforts to wake up Patricia.